A Closer Look at Angel Falls, the Highest Waterfall in the World

A Closer Look at Angel Falls, the Highest Waterfall in the World
A Closer Look at Angel Falls, the Highest Waterfall in the World (credit youtube)

Content ID – A Closer Look at Angel Falls, the Highest Waterfall in the World. Venezuela which is in the Latin American region, the waterfall has a height of almost 1 kilometer. It’s hard to believe, but this is actually found in the country in northern Brazil.

Angel Falls is located in the Rio Caroni region, Canaima National Park, Venezuela. This free waterfall on the Churun ​​river drops water debit from the top of the mesa hill as high as 979 meters. With a height of almost 1 kilometer, this waterfall has been named the highest waterfall in the world by the National Geographic Society. Wow!

Actually this Waterfall was first seen by explorer Ernesto de Santa Cruz in the 20th century. However, this waterfall was not known to the world until it was discovered accidentally by American aviator, James Crawford Angel in 1936. Initially he only flew over a single mountain in search of gold. While trying to land the plane, he was trapped in a swampy forest area above a mountain and he saw an impressive waterfall that plunged thousands of feet below. The Venezuelan government named the waterfall in accordance with its inventor, Angel.

Even though, the local native who is a Pemon Indian tribe calls the hill where the waterfall is called “Auyan-tepui” which means “Mount Satan”, because the Permon Indians often encounter many mountain climbers who never return when trying to conquer the mountain.

There is also a unique phenomenon that makes this waterfall the most popular tourist attraction in Venezuela. When summer comes, the volume of water will decrease and make the water run out quickly and refract before reaching the bottom of the cliff. Surrounding communities call it the phenomenon “Falls of the deepest place” or the phenomenon of falling into the deepest place.

To go to Angel Falls, it is quite difficult because they have to use a plane from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima Camp. Now, from Canaima, we live down the river that runs through this waterfall, the Churun ​​River using a canoe that takes up to three days. Although a little extreme, don’t worry. There are many tour operators in Venezuela ready to take you on an adventure to Angel Falls.

One of them is Angel Falls Travel which provides a 3-day adventure package to Angel Falls with a starting fee of 55 dollars or around 639 thousand rupiah per night. There is also a tour around Angel Falls by helicopter which we only pay for 60 dollars or around 694 thousand.

How, are you interested in adventure in the highest waterfall in the world? Be prepared to save from now on and don’t worry, Venezuela is quite affordable for backpackers.

source: resort.id

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