A Closer Look at the Ice Volcano in America

A Closer Look at the Ice Volcano in America

ZERO.id – A Closer Look at the Ice Volcano in America. Volcanoes usually give off extremely hot incandescent lava, but are different from volcanoes in North America. When the volcano erupted, it blew snow like volcanic gas from a volcano. What an amazing phenomenon.

During the coming winter months, the Great Lakes in North America freeze when that’s a unique phenomenon called the “Ice Volcano” formed along the banks of frozen lakes. The formation of icebergs is influenced by the strong gusts of strong winds that blow from the land forming a wave that breaks the ice sheet and takes it to the edge of the lake into a tall pile.

These heaps of ice carried by the current then form a cone of ice that has a cone shape and has a hole in the middle. Lake water under the ice sheet that does not freeze will also flare up due to the gusts of wind so as to form a ripple that ejects water up through the hole in the middle of the iceberg and eventually forms a new layer that makes the iceberg bigger.

With the activity of water under the ice sheet that is able to spray water upwards, this mountain finally becomes like an ice volcano. The reason is when the hole in the middle of the chunks of ice contains snow, an eruption will be formed that squirts the snow along with ice cold water to the clouds like volcanic gas volcanoes.

The hole was finally named the blowhole. Uniquely, the ice water that was spewed out earlier experienced the same process as volcanic lava, where water that falls into ice will immediately freeze and form new ice cones. On average this iceberg will form as high as 3 to 30 meters and spit out a mixture of ice cold water with chunks of ice. Really a unique phenomenon right?

If you want to see firsthand this unique natural phenomenon you can come to North America where the Great Lakes are located. Or you can also see this lake from Mexico because 60% of the lake is in the country.

source: resort.id

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